The applications Shorthill Solutions develops allow their clients to do several things:

1. Gain internal efficiencies due to supported business processes.  This is achieved following consulting work with the client, including value stream mapping where processes and procedures that are unique to the client are clearly identified.

2. Differentiate themselves in the market, by providing services and products in a way that is unique to themselves.

3. Adapt with changing environment – as new opportunities to communicate, or new business segments are uncovered, they can be rapidly deployed within the application, allowing the leaders at the organization to dream of new opportunities.

Our solutions are:

Cloud based:

  • Accessible
  • Secure
  •  Redundant data
  • Efficient

Open source:

  • Relevant, mainstream, cost effective.
  •  Tools we employ include Linux servers, MySQL databases, PHP Code, Javascript, Ajax.

No long term contracts :

We’re part of the team only as long as you want us.  No licensing fees.