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The applications Shorthill Solutions develops allow their clients to do several things: 1. Gain internal efficiencies due to supported business processes.  This is achieved following consulting work with the client, including value stream mapping where processes and procedures that are unique to the client are clearly identified. 2. Differentiate themselves in the market, by providing Continue Reading


Shorthill has positioned itself in the market as a provider of custom software to small and mid-sized companies (SME’s) whose unique place in the market or interest in differentiating themselves leads them towards custom software and away from the confines of conventional software.  Shorthill’s customers benefit from a review of their processes, and through analysis Continue Reading


Shorthill customers are typically in a state of change whether that be growth or reaction to marketplace changes. They realise that the current state of affairs requires a change in order to make their business more efficient and cost effective. Typical Shorthill customers have already identified their need to upgrade or implement a software system Continue Reading